• Ensuring the production needs of our partners and customers.
  • The development of the Russian market of industrial chemistry.
  • Maintain a leading position in the market of suppliers of new products and innovations in the sector of industrial chemistry.

About company

«RUSSTYLE ICC» « LLC » is a distributor of a number of chemical companies in Russia, and for many years successfully engaged in wholesale deliveries of products for the oil and gas, Oilfield, metallurgical,pulp and paper and glass companies operating in Russia and the CIS.

Developing technologies and management, company «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC spoRUSSTAJL TRADINGotrebnosti any branch of modern industry and quality products. Competitive price and delivery of products allows the company «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC to occupy a leading position in the market segment of the food vendors and industrial chemistry.

It is hard to overestimate our contribution to the development of most branches of modern industry. Without our product can not imagine the work of metallurgists and glassmakers, Builders and livestock, Petroleum and public utilities. Our field of activity is so wide, that covers almost all possible areas of human activity. We provide the pulp and paper industry: there comes – defoamers PENTA, sulfuric acid, amiachnaya water etc. In the food industry are widely used food additives, starch, acetic acid, edible lubricant ROCOL etc. Without our work is complete, and such industry, as agriculture – in fact we ship our mineral nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Through our work there and actively applied anticorrosion additives, deicing chemicals, epoxy resins, industrial oils, Construction Sealants, silicone materials, him.sostavy for drilling fluids, industrial and edible salt, acid, soda, building materials, and more.

In a word, production, the company offers «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC, always in demand and is relentless demand of different consumers for many years.

Today the company «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC developing dynamically, constantly looking for new partnerships and markets. We are always open to your suggestions and are ready to expand our product range.

The consistently high quality of the goods, a wide range of products offered, multi-services in the supply, professional personnel, effective, safe and beneficial interaction in general, make our company profitable for cooperation.

Cooperation with our company — this is the minimum price, high quality products and service in the supply of multi-, effective, safe and beneficial interaction in general!

Competitiveness of our partners — is our step forward.
We are interested in your success!

We are open to new ideas and are aware of the latest innovations of the market.
Contact us — we know about industrial chemicals all!

Collective «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC — a professional team.
We value the talents and expertise of its staff. Convenient to work with us, reliably and efficiently!


Organization «RUSSTYLE ICC» LLC
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